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What if You Could Have a Brand That Stands the Test of Time and Grows With Your Business?

It IS possible to have a brand you can truly embody and ultimately be proud of.

Right now it may not feel that way. Perhaps your brand feels disjointed, with all your offerings looking like they were “frakenstein-ed” together.

Your business may feel like something is missing, but you haven’t been able to put your finger on it. (Hint: it’s probably your brand!)

Or maybe you’re even a little embarrassed by the lack of branding. You feel less professional than others in your field, even though you know your work and business is just as good or better. 


If you’re ready to have the world love and understand your business as much as you do, you’re in the right place.


Branding doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. In fact, it shouldn’t be. 

When we co-create your legacy brand, you go through a deeply introspective process that helps you refine what you want your business to be and how to strategically get there.

You’ll take the time (but not too much!) to really focus on what your values are, who your ideal client is, and where you want your business to go. The only work on your end is thinking: the rest is all done FOR you.

I help you come home to the ultimate representation of you and your work, by creating a Legacy Brand that lasts.

Your business is a representation of your current genius. Your brand is a doorway into your everlasting legacy.


Focused On Results

The process was developed with busy entrepreneurs in mind. I KNOW how much work there is to do as an entrepreneur. The goal is to give you results in the least amount of time with the most impact.


Focused On You

I view branding as the ultimate self-development process. To uncover your unique essence there is deep work involved. It’s my job to serve as a mirror and a guide through the process.



Focused On The Future

As entrepreneurs, if we are not innovating and staying AHEAD of trends as the world changes at light speed, it’s easy to get left behind. Have you ever seen someone “blow up” and two years later they are MIA?



Based on your specific needs and where you
are on your entrepreneurial journey, there are three different ways to start creating your

Legacy Brand

1:1 VIP Brand Transformation

The ultimate brand package 

This 8-week* experience includes exclusive 1:1 devotion from myself and my team, to work directly with you and your team to develop your Legacy Brand. This package is for those with multiple layers in their business: various offerings and a robust marketing plan. If you have a busy schedule, this option is for you. Unlimited voxer support, meetings booked at YOUR convenience and full spectrum support. I only work with 1-2 private clients at a time. Contact me to see if spaces are available or to be added to the wait list.

We will dissect your ENTIRE business and transform it from DISJOINTED to COHESIVE AND ALIGNED.


The Legacy Brand Transformation Experience


A 90 day hybrid experience for highly-motivated entrepreneurs who want to become known as THE go-to expert in their niche and ultimately, create a Legacy. You receive ample 1:1 time with Tiffany AND the value of a mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs. All of the brand materials are created FOR you and you have the added bonus of amazing guest experts and deep dive strategy sessions to help uncover your legacy brand. You will clear visibility blocks, and enjoy a community of support along your (re)brand journey.

We will take your brand from “meh to MAGIC”, finally nailing your niche, revealing your true identity and ensure your visuals and messaging are ON POINT, so your wait list becomes FULLY BOOKED.

Current cohort if full. The next cohort begins in APRIL 2020. Book a call to see if we’re a good fit and lock in your spot!


The Deep Dive Brand Strategy Session 

virtual or In-Person

A customized solution to develop a new concept, to develop segmented client avatars and corresponding visuals, customize various offerings or re-work messaging. After a kick-off call to determine what exactly is important to cover to IGNITE your brand, we will schedule a 2-3 day in-person session, multi-call virtual sessions, or a combination of both. 

Drop me a note to explain your unique situation and we can discuss how best to work together!



If you’re ready to uplevel your brand and want to explore your options to work together, let’s talk!


Discover My “Legacy Brand” Framework to Finally Nail Your Branding, Attract Your Perfect Clients , AND Implement it in Your Business!

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