Scott Brown Media Group Website

CHALLENGE: The previous site was a simple template and the client wished to uplevel their status as THE go-to entertainment company in South Carolina. Their requirements were to have a strong emphasis on the “culture of the company” -everyone on the team has a say in the solution. “We want the website not to be a “hey, that was a cool thing”, but is actually actionable and marketable.

SOLUTION: We focused on their about content: “Since its inception in 1994, the Scott Brown Media Group has operated with the vision of becoming a company dedicated to redefining the Media / Advertising, Destination and Events service business. “All things to all people,” not hardly, “All things inventive,” absolutely. Consider us a creative “think tank” abundantly equipped with the resources and experience capable of effectively producing on a concept or agenda.”

The result is a clean and modern custom design that truly focuses on their customer-centric outlook, as well as their amazing staff and unique offerings.

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