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“Impacting Millions was a 7-figure launch.”

It was such a dream to work with Tiffany.  The look she developed was beautiful and made me so confident going into the launch, which turned out to be a 7-figure launch. If you’re looking to up-level your brand, I highly recommend working with Tiffany”

Selena Soo, Creator of Impacting Millions

“The ROI of working with Tiffany was worth tens of thousands of dollars at least”

Tiffany is THE top branding strategist in the industry. She only produces A-list branding and I am grateful to have her as my branding guide. It’s really 10X’d my visibility and increased my confidence.

Ron Reich, Marketing Genius + Influencer

LEARN what strategies to adopt and what needs to be left behind, now, in order to thrive in our new normal.

  • Understand how you can be the most forward-thinking expert in your niche and 100% confident in your brand presence. 

  • Learn how to adapt your brand and messaging during this “new normal”.

  • Think about your current business and marketing models and where you need to adapt or evolve.

  • Discover how to build a sustainable business through the concept of Legacy Branding™.

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Neuman is a visionary branding strategist who helps highly-motivated entrepreneurs and influencers up-level their businesses.

After 15 years in the corporate world, working with brands like FedEx, Stoli Vodka and Burt’s Bees, she left to establish a revolutionary branding business that stays one step ahead of trends.

Using a unique, hands-on approach that views branding as a self-development process, Tiffany now works with thought leaders and top experts to help them 10x their sales and shine even brighter in their niches.

“I never would have imagined my business growing this quickly.”

Tiffany has a calm and quiet energy that sneaks up on you and gets into your head. I literally hear her voice and her wisdom when I am about to take big leaps that I have, up until now, been fearful of. Along with her beautiful branding for my business, her program and insight has brought me to a pivotal point in my business and been the catalyst for intense growth.

I never would have imagined my business growing this quickly. She infuses mindset, business growth and marketing strategies – things I never considered to be part of branding – which allowed me to reach a whole new level.

Raquel Knack, Founder of Nourished Birth 

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