It’s time to rethink what branding should be.

It’s not a logo.

It’s not a brand board.

It’s not a set of rules to follow.

Your brand is so much more.

t’s your legacy.

As an entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to develop a brand.

I worked with big names (Stoli, FedEx, Adidas) when I was in corporate, so I was well-versed in branding for the big dogs.

But when it came to branding myself as an entrepreneur, it was a lot harder. 

I noticed other entrepreneurs were struggling as well. So many big names were missing that “it” factor that the major brands had. I KNEW I could help by blending my corporate knowledge with my entrepreneurial and teaching skills.

I began working with people like Ron Reich, Selena Soo, and others who had these amazing businesses but whose brands weren’t necessarily memorable. I now work solely with people who are influencers, established entrepreneurs, and highly motivated people who want a powerful brand that people remember. 

This work led me to develop the concept of the Legacy Brand and my unique approach to the branding process which I dubbed The Legacy Brand Method

Here’s what the top entrepreneurs have discovered:

When your brand reflects who you truly are, you can stop wasting energy.

I specialize in developing brands that work FOR you:

• A system that’s in place so you can hand over the reigns to your team.

• Ease and flow when you create new offerings.

• A map to follow and won’t have to worry about developing new visuals.


When your brand story, aesthetics and confidence are aligned, you spend:

• Less time on non-income producing tasks.

• More time in your zone of genius.

• More time creating the life of freedom you’ve always dreamed of.



I’m interested in the future. Where do we go from here? What is the new normal going to be? 

As I tell Alexa to play meditation music and my phone beeps with a message from a client in Bali, it feels like we went from home phones to full-on-tech in a blink of an eye.

As my fave show as a kid, the Jetson’s, comes to life more and more each day, it feels like the biggest opportunity AND the scariest of times. I choose to be optimistic.

I believe the combination of empathy, intuitive design and technology is the answer to a brighter future.

I am honored to be part of the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries including virtual and augmented realities, space (yes, as in outer space) and the growing global movement of entrepreneurial businesses.

My goal is to promote to use these disruptors that will change the landscape once again for GOOD. We, as entrepreneurs are the vehicle for social and environmental healing. It’s up to us to BECOME the change we wish to see in the world, as Gandhi famously said. 

My tribe are influencers. And by influencer, I don’t mean a big following on IG. Those who are visionaries, lifting up one another and their collective audiences. Teaching their GENIUS to ignite passion and systemic change. Guiding their tribe to the next level, encouraging on days of doubt (we all know those days come) and applauding on days of success.

My purpose is to serve with my God-given talents, to proceed with confidence and to use my finite energy to make the world a better place for my two daughters. While I’m not on this mission, you can find me dressed up fancy one day and kayaking on the river the next. Music festivals, travel, clean eating and fitness are top priorities. I become fast friends with my clients and often find myself mixing business with play. If you read this far, chances are we are cut from the same cloth and I cannot wait to get to know you. 


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