It's your Legacy.


Identify your “brand personality” - this is NOT an archetype, rather it’s how your personality and marketing style affects your branding.

Learn exactly what has been holding you back from truly having the foundation in your business that makes EVERYTHING else easier.

Discover how to shift into the business of your dreams, finally have the brand message that brings in clients you love and be super confident about everything you put out into the world.

Discover the revolutionary new way to brand your business, reveal your genius to the world,  and ultimately…

create the foundation of your Legacy

Most entrepreneurs “build the plane while they’re flying it”. They create their brand unconsciously and DIY it as they go.

Or perhaps invest in a quick course, get a logo and colors but never truly LOVE what they receive.

This is fine when you’re starting out.

Over time, you end up with a frankenstien-ed brand. 

Or, perhaps you’re brand felt amazing at first but now you’ve outgrown it.

You KNOW it’s important to have an amazing brand, it feels overwhelming to try and fix.


it Can be easy, it can be fun and it can 10x your marketing efforts, quickly.

After working with Fortune 500 brands as a Creative Director for over 15 years, and now working directly with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs to help them create their Legacy Brand…

I’ve uncovered the secrets to what it really takes to build a brand foundation that will 10x sales and allow you to shine brightest in your niche.

“The brand for Impacting Millions was disjointed. I wanted to launch with bang but didn’t even know how to go about it.

It was such a dream to work with Tiffany.  The look she developed was beautiful and made me so confident going into the launch, which turned out to be a 7-figure launch. If you’re looking to up-level your brand, I highly recommend working with Tiffany”


Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing Strategist + Founder of Impacting Millions

Hi, I’m Tiffany.

I help highly-motivated, mission driven entrepreneurs and influencers make massive impact with their businesses by creating a Legacy Brand that lasts.

A brand is not simply pretty pictures, a logo and consistent colors. Your business is a reflection of you, and your true identity. 

If you feel like something is missing in your business, and you can’t put your finger on it, let me show you what has helped my clients. People like Ron Reich, Selena Soo, and so many more that I have helped gain confidence and truly embody their business through their brand.

“Tiffany is THE top branding strategist in the industry, she only produces A-list branding. I am grateful to have her on my side as my branding guide. The ROI of my brand is hard to track, but definitely tens of thousands of dollars for sure. It’s really 10X’d my visibility and increased my confidence.”


Ron Reich, Marketing Genius + Influencer

Have you ever wondered…

why some entrepreneurs seem to rise to the top, being seen as the go-to industry expert, while some simply seem unable to break through?

It’s NOT because they are necessarily better at what they do, or have more experience.

The answer is quite simple: THEY built a strong, unique brand.

Most savvy business owners understand the power of an amazing brand. 

Yet, actually attaining a crave-worthy brand is much easier said than done. Why?

It’s Hard to see the Label When You’re Inside the Bottle.

You need an expert that can help guide you, to serve as a mirror, reflecting your brilliance back to you.

So How Do You Build A Business

that will stand the test of time?

The MAGIC of a Legacy Brand™

The internet is crowded and you have seconds to capture people’s attention.

Once you capture their attention, you need to capture their HEART.

In my proprietary brand transformation process, we uncover your TRUE essence and reflect it in everything you do.

In the development of YOUR Legacy Brand, you become aligned with your brand AND your business, QUICKLY.

The results allow energy and money to flow and your ultimate dream clients to be attracted like bees to the sweetest flower.

  • A Legacy Brand™ CREATES trends, not follows them.
  • A Legacy Brand™ LEADS the charge in the digital space and are first to adopt emerging technology.
  • A Legacy Brand™ SIMPLIFIES your life. It’s conceptual – it has heart + soul, and it tells YOUR story in a simple, beautiful way.

A Legacy Brand™ reveals your genius to the world and has people saying, “yes” to whatever you offer.



You have traction in your biz, and it’s time to commit to your brand. We will take your brand from “meh” to “magic”, ensuring your visuals and messaging are on point, so your wait list becomes fully booked. This hybrid experience combines 1:1 done-for-you branding + mastermind group.


Whether it’s a full brand overhaul, or development of a winning marketing campaign I only offer high-touch, done-for-you services that guarantee results, quickly.  This is for you if you are an experts with a thriving business and want to take your brand to the next level.


You have a brand you love, yet it’s missing that “it” factor, or needs a facelift. We will meet in a laser-focused setting, in-person (hello mini-vacay) or virtually to create a customized solution based on your needs. Solutions may range from developing segmented client avatars and corresponding visuals,  to strategically re-naming offerings or fine-tuning your messaging.